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Mario Kart 8 Game review

 Mario Kart 8: The Ultimate Kart Racing Mario Kart 8 Game review


Mario Kart 8, developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii U in 2014, is the eighth installment in the globally popular Mario Kart series. Combining intense kart racing, vibrant graphics, creative tracks, and a wide array of beloved Mario characters, Mario Kart 8 delivers an exhilarating and addictive gaming experience. In this review article, we will explore the various aspects that make Mario Kart 8 a standout title in the racing genre.

Visual Delight

One of the first things that captivates players about Mario Kart 8 is its stunning visuals. The game's vibrant and colorful graphics bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life, making each track a visually appealing spectacle. From the lush greenery of Moo Moo Meadows to the futuristic atmosphere of Rainbow Road, the attention to detail in each course is truly impressive. Moreover, the game runs smoothly at 60 frames per second, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience.


Mario Kart 8 offers a wide range of gameplay options that cater to both casual and competitive players. The game features a plethora of tracks, each with its unique set of twists, turns, and obstacles. Players can choose from a diverse roster of iconic characters from the Mario universe, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. The introduction of anti-gravity sections adds a layer of excitement, allowing racers to defy gravity and experience thrilling vertical racing. Additionally, the game includes a wealth of power-ups and items that can quickly turn the tides of a race, adding a delightful element of unpredictability and strategy.

Multiplayer Madness

Mario Kart 8 truly shines when it comes to multiplayer gameplay. The option to play with friends locally or compete online against players from around the world adds significant replayability to the game. The seamless online experience, coupled with intuitive matchmaking and well-designed online tournaments, ensures that players can continuously test their skills against real opponents. The multiplayer mode also supports local multiplayer, making it a perfect party game for friends and family.

Inclusion of DLC

One of the most commendable aspects of Mario Kart 8 is the inclusion of downloadable content (DLC). Nintendo went above and beyond by consistently releasing additional tracks, characters, and vehicles as DLC, ensuring that the game remained fresh and exciting long after its initial release. This commitment to expanding the game's content demonstrated Nintendo's dedication to providing value and extending the longevity of the Mario Kart 8 experience.

Mario Kart 8 is an exceptional addition to the Mario Kart series, showcasing impeccable visuals, diverse gameplay options, and an engaging multiplayer experience. The game successfully captures the essence of the franchise while introducing fresh mechanics and innovative track designs. Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer to the world of Mario Kart, Mario Kart 8 is an absolute must-play, guaranteeing endless hours of fun and unforgettable racing moments.

FAQ about Mario Kart 8 Game

1. How many players can play Mario Kart 8?
Mario Kart 8 allows up to 4 players to race simultaneously.

2. Can I play Mario Kart 8 on Nintendo Switch?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 is available on Nintendo Switch.

3. How many tracks are there in Mario Kart 8?
Mario Kart 8 features a total of 48 tracks, including both new and remastered ones.

4. Are there any downloadable content (DLC) packs for Mario Kart 8?
Yes, Nintendo released two DLC packs for Mario Kart 8, each containing new characters, vehicles, and tracks.

5. Can I play Mario Kart 8 online with friends?
Yes, you can race against your friends online in Mario Kart 8.

6. Are there different difficulty levels in Mario Kart 8?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 offers different difficulty levels, allowing you to adjust the challenge based on your preference.

7. How can I unlock new characters in Mario Kart 8?
You can unlock new characters by winning Grand Prix races or by completing specific tasks in the game.

8. Can I customize my kart in Mario Kart 8?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 offers various customization options for your kart, allowing you to choose different parts to enhance its performance.

9. What are the different game modes in Mario Kart 8?
Mario Kart 8 offers several game modes, including Grand Prix, Time Trials, Battle, and online multiplayer modes.

10. Are there any shortcuts or hidden secrets in the tracks of Mario Kart 8?
Yes, each track in Mario Kart 8 has its own shortcuts or hidden secrets that can help you gain an advantage during races.

11. Can I use motion controls to play Mario Kart 8?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 supports motion controls, allowing you to steer your kart by tilting the controller.

12. What are the different items available in Mario Kart 8?
Mario Kart 8 features a variety of items such as mushrooms, shells, and bananas, each providing different advantages or hindrances during races.

13. Can I use amiibo figures with Mario Kart 8?
Yes, you can use compatible amiibo figures to unlock special costumes for your Mii character in Mario Kart 8.

14. Is there a ranking system in Mario Kart 8 online races?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 assigns a ranking based on your performance in online races, allowing you to compete with players of similar skill levels.

15. How do I perform a boost start at the beginning of a race in Mario Kart 8?
To perform a boost start, you need to press the acceleration button just as the countdown reaches the "2" on the screen.

16. Are there any unlockable vehicles in Mario Kart 8?
Yes, you can unlock new vehicles by collecting coins during races or by completing certain challenges.

17. Can I play Mario Kart 8 on the go with Nintendo Switch Lite?
Yes, you can play Mario Kart 8 on the go with Nintendo Switch Lite, as it is compatible with the game.

18. Can I use the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike to play Mario Kart 8?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 supports the use of the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike as a controller option.

19. Can I play Mario Kart 8 in split-screen mode on a single TV?
Yes, Mario Kart 8 supports split-screen multiplayer, allowing multiple players to race on a single TV.

20. Can I transfer my save data from the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 to the Nintendo Switch version?
Yes, Nintendo provided a feature to transfer your save data from the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 to the Nintendo Switch version.